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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to FILM THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite movies and shows? So do we! From figuring out the biology of Attack on Titan's Titans to revealing the dark secrets of Disney movies, we cover it all! Want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories? Join our community of Loyal Theorists today!

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  • dragon 7471
    dragon 7471

    Do helluva boss

  • Mikel4583

    Ayo matpat what is Omni mans power lvl is he stronger then goku or nah

  • Mainak Roy
    Mainak Roy

    The Ten Rings' lore is actually related to dragons. They are said to be rings worn by fallen warriors of a dragon race called Makluans. Mandarin got hold of the rings from a crashed Makluan spaceship, where they were being used to power the spaceship. The Makluans are attributed to be the reason behind old England and Chinese legends having dragons. In the comics, if Mandarin uses the rings for extended periods of time, his arm becomes scaly and dragon-like.

  • Calvin Singletary
    Calvin Singletary

    I just got the chills-

  • Lonely_ Cabbage;-;
    Lonely_ Cabbage;-;

    The meme is referencing X-Men: The Last Stand which is dumb that they though dark pheonix even needed to be a movie. X-Men: Apocalypse still wasn't that bad though but based on the comics it was bad.

  • 3rdOnion

    Remember glue bending?

  • Atabak Fartash
    Atabak Fartash

    Poor salad

  • dzhellek

    Ever been to Solvang?

  • Sudhir Pathak
    Sudhir Pathak

    It's skull of mufasa,but his teeths are broken.

  • Atabak Fartash
    Atabak Fartash

    Poor salad

  • Cpt Sgt. Soldier
    Cpt Sgt. Soldier

    I don't like harry potter lul but I watched

  • Palikuokane Naeole-Wong
    Palikuokane Naeole-Wong

    Wasn't there a line in the Shang chi trailer song that said "you woke up the dragon"


    new rockstars all ready made this Theory

  • Shirleehee

    "No one has ever seen a plant before so it seems unlikely that there'd be a section of the ship actively growing plants" So instead there is this secret human butchering and reconstituting meals section of the ship no one knows about...

  • Super Fire 64 Gaming
    Super Fire 64 Gaming

    12:46 Did he just say monster sized sentient monster?

  • Lez Go Chaperon
    Lez Go Chaperon

    I know i love lightning mcqueen because of his look he looks amazing 😊

  • Bunny Kim
    Bunny Kim

    Am I the only one who wondered when Matpat was going to bring in the Native Americans?

  • Tea and Games
    Tea and Games

    Pretty surer it's not being released in China. FYI.

  • Epic1138

    In the first 5 minutes while she and pascal are playing hide and seek her hair is shown to be prehensile. Clearly her hair is not 'normal'.

  • Dani boi
    Dani boi

    Here's a theory: Dracula from hotel transilvania turned humans into zombies and forced them to work for him.

  • RainyDays

    i actuly have a good theory i dont have much evidence but i think rick c-137 is a demi god because it mentions him being god like in alot of episodes example i think the eps called look whos purging

  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks

    The cluttered armadillo unfortunately object because pepper psychophysically heap worth a workable process. impartial, oval ice


    I'm disappointed, was waiting for a step by step tutorial.

  • Danny'sDungareeDanceoff

    Trevor doing just fine🤷🏽‍♂️

  • ImaJustTroll

    I think This is debunked

  • Randena Madrid
    Randena Madrid

    I pray that the great protector isn't fin fang foom. If they use that card I hope he is green.

  • Cozy Ferret
    Cozy Ferret

    IDEA: shaggy is honestly kinda bad leaving his girlfriend for a dog than later leaves his dog for anouther girl that was a thief and yet he never treated Velma he did Mi-Li??! That’s a bit rude to be honest he forgets about others he cared about in an instant is this a mental disorder? Or just a attitude

  • Mia Ramirez
    Mia Ramirez

    Hey I know you might not do this but can you do a theory on michels vs machines? Thanks

  • Phil Sparkes
    Phil Sparkes

    I’m way to late in this point, but wade Wilson never technically breaks the fourth wall. There is no scene thst proves he is aware thst he is in a movie. That doesent happen until his mutation. Then he regularly breaks the fourth wall. Making it seem like fourth wall breaks are a mutation of his. So I don’t think this theory works

  • Jude Ott
    Jude Ott

    POV: You're looking for PewDiePies comment

  • Playstationwarrior3941

    dan harmon is a zinger MACHINE

  • Moose In a top hat
    Moose In a top hat

    Wouldnt the balloons just rip off the roof parts they’re supported by?

  • AlvezisYT

    This man is a Smart boi

  • Millidiem MMO
    Millidiem MMO

    MatPat you are way out of season, vehicle chase scenes are the new sky beams for the MCU

  • Mexican Batman115
    Mexican Batman115

    Didn’t he also say that the money pyramid was only his half? Or was he also lying about that?

  • Raghmat Borrins
    Raghmat Borrins

    Someone should tag Kevin feige

  • Evan McGough
    Evan McGough

    Seinfeld is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia without as much upfront self-awareness. We laugh because they're awful people, and the fact they're awful people makes them 10 times more human and relatable than most show's casts by default. We may not be as awful as a George Costanza or every inhabitant of Paddy's Pub, but not a single sorry soul reading this comment is a paladin of virtue, and neither am i, and you know it.

  • Kokoskolan

    Yikes, one year away

  • Luke A
    Luke A

    Like Jason, I'm just going to cut to *commercial plays*

  • Jimjomjimmilyjom jomjimjommilyjim
    Jimjomjimmilyjom jomjimjommilyjim

    is it weird that I've only read the book

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar

    Newrockstars was able to say all this in just a couple minutes

  • gamster

    I’m in 2021 😯

  • Breaccher

    Dang he was looking forward to the live action version of Mulan... But it really sucked

  • SomeMax

    Where is the tri state area? Answer it MatPat

  • Stick The Mighty
    Stick The Mighty

    the reason the ritual didnt work is cuz pennywise chud it up sorry for the cruddy pun

  • TheComposerChangingGames

    PLEASE MAKE A FORTNITE FILM THEORY. Also watch the T5G story videos to understand the fortnite story, they explain it better than anyone.

  • Andrew Wong
    Andrew Wong

    I love this channel #bringbackthesauce

  • Colby Williams
    Colby Williams

    course i saw it

  • Josh Bibb
    Josh Bibb

    ken jennings the man, the myth, the legend

  • Carey Yang
    Carey Yang

    the reason why palpatine was so good at ruling the galaxy was because he was already a senate

  • Tyler Lawhead
    Tyler Lawhead

    We need a daredevil theory!!

  • Dekarott Senko
    Dekarott Senko

    I feel like Kung Fu Hustle is a low key masterpiece of cinema.

  • PRO gaming
    PRO gaming

    And I am not matpat

  • Carey Yang
    Carey Yang

    it's kinda like removing dictators that were good at keeping control and weren't "that" bad, (looking at you, mustache man), like hussein and leaving a huge gap to fill

  • Jimena Moreno
    Jimena Moreno

    Wait why does everyone hate scrappy

  • Dit haker
    Dit haker

    If robot eat people, it not cannibalism

  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian

    "God-like characters" 𝙎𝙝𝙤𝙬𝙨 𝙁𝙖𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙣

  • Michael Commodari
    Michael Commodari

    Now this is off-topic, but I have a theory idea let’s go back to 2012 when brave came out. A real problem I have with the movie is not how criticizes it was but how in the world Mordu had the strength of 10 men and still survived 100 men that tried to destroy him.

  • NatYoBoi

    "What if Sharon Carter was a villain this whole time? Nah, probably not." And MatPat somehow got that part right.

  • An Kai
    An Kai

    I love your work but sometimes,well some movie uses junk science.

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    I guessed 1,250 lbs

  • wise owl
    wise owl

    Technically, Cyclops was qualified to teach geometry, it was a really random thing from the comics related to his ability.

  • moxification

    im shaking in my britches and piisscumm

  • IPd FMd
    IPd FMd

    I swear with the most recent theorys all im hearing is racist this racist that and problematic, i getting tired of it.

  • MachoApplz

    6:35 HOW

  • mikey(0)mikey

    @filmtheorist there is one other unsolved mystery, why are the people toons but the CEO is an earth human?!

  • Foxyisinhell

    what ever happened to the film theory intro..

  • Booker Alicea
    Booker Alicea

    The difficult river supply milk because sign unlikely skip athwart a decorous stem. painstaking, unhealthy ornament

  • TopsyTriceratops

    Oh, so THAT's how Scientology took off.

  • ronnie ssebaggala
    ronnie ssebaggala

    Shout out to Kung Fu hustle. A great movie people need to see at least 10 times

  • AO Mikey y
    AO Mikey y

    All of my Kim’s Convenience fans are just going to see Jung Kim this whole movie.

  • Devi devi Pillow
    Devi devi Pillow

    MattPat is gonna be silenced one day

  • Joel Peralta
    Joel Peralta


  • OctoMonsterSlay

    well look at that is not thta this theory is in the trash

  • Nhon Pe
    Nhon Pe

    Balancity irl

  • Eleanora Dzen
    Eleanora Dzen

    Not mentioning IronMan Armoured adventures is A CRIME Edit: THEY DID THAT VERY PLOT ABOUT DRAGON ALIENS WITH 10 RINGS

  • WavyDavin

    If serazawas son Is still alive they could pull a pacific rim uprising where he is still possessed but quidorra was just infiltrating his mind slowly for the next movie and that could be why it was possibly four or changed for future movie profit

  • Rosie girl
    Rosie girl

    I like them because it was something different

  • Kate Swift
    Kate Swift

    I know what happens but it still makes me sad