Film Theory: Kung Fu Panda, The REAL Reason Po is the Chosen One!
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Did you ever expect me to cover Kung Fu Panda? Loyal Theorists, never doubt the extents I will go to for a theory. Today, we are getting to the center of Kung Fu Panda's biggest question - why is Po the Dragon Warrior? Now I know we can just say because the plot says so, but I am a man of science and overanalysis! There has to be a logical explanation of why this panda is the chosen one. It turns out, I was right! Let's dig in!
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Credits:Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editor: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


    I hated pandas, but he's right, who will become the Dragon warrior to save all of China?

  • thicc Einstein69
    thicc Einstein69

    There are no accidents : Master Oogway

  • Deann Rushing
    Deann Rushing

    The important printer relevantly attend because building natively shrug over a voracious anger. evasive, faint fair credit

  • TheGoldenWolf

    Well I don’t really like Kung fu panda, but I do Kung fu and zoology so this is the episode for me!

  • Samuel Rogito
    Samuel Rogito

    A well researched theory backed up by real facts...My first video in this channel and am impressed. Nice work!

  • Sagnik Mitra
    Sagnik Mitra

    The dragon warrior was always supposed to be a panda. Oogway was just waiting for one to show up. And he did! In the most Macho way possible. Riding a chair with fireworks strapped under him right in the middle of the choosing.

  • Keith Miller
    Keith Miller

    Serena Williams is DEFINITELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, without a SINGLE doubt, the BEST tennis player to compete in Women's Tennis...that is also a dude.

  • Rachel Powell
    Rachel Powell

    no he threw 33 lucky punches

  • Xx_itz_trickster_xX


  • raul flores
    raul flores

    because the title of the movie, i save u guys 10+ mins

  • Thomas Mortlock
    Thomas Mortlock

    I would love to see a Mortal Kombat theory

  • WuKong

    Because the title of the movie is Kung Fu Panda? and Po is a Panda?


    This idea of favoring the overweight undisciplined stupid character over an elite makes from this movie one of the corniest trash I have watched!!

  • ravenjosh dulay
    ravenjosh dulay

    Hey film theory i think you need a lot of money to be rich like mrbeast

  • Arrianna Oliver
    Arrianna Oliver

    Fun fact: Pandas actually are descendants of carnivores. The Serena Williams one is basically ether jealous women, or men who don’t think muscle is sexy, and that women should exist to make there little J smile. Controversial part aside, I’m happy it’s not gotten to her, and she keeps living her life.

  • Mr. Cheese Pocket Edition
    Mr. Cheese Pocket Edition

    *Dragon style* I know watchu mean *About Kung fu* duh...... (Don't be dirty-minded) 😏

  • Donovan Loreman
    Donovan Loreman

    This is possibly the most true theory you have posted

  • theDuL0R

    Nice Strong Bad computer

  • Grimm gaming Troupe master
    Grimm gaming Troupe master

    Mat pat (kung fu is great) Me (I prefer staby stabs)

  • Ansh Varma
    Ansh Varma

    Gonna miss this channel

  • j borrego
    j borrego

    Sorry but pandas are not very smart if they keep emailing food and it’s not good for their body and they should be eating meat do you think after a couple years for centuries still be like you know what we should try something new

  • j borrego
    j borrego

    Oh his son is blonde which one is a blonde him or his wife

  • Coulter Sheppard
    Coulter Sheppard

    “We tried. The pandas just _really_ wanted to die. We couldn’t save them. This is the last artifact of human culture that verifies their existence”

  • Amir Zhanatalap
    Amir Zhanatalap

    Actually , pandas have a better chi power : some type of a mighty spiritual powers , and They taught it to oogway , so he had to choose him because he was the only panda nearby , i guess

  • BOT Gaming
    BOT Gaming

    u explained it all in just the first 1 minute

  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams

    I agree with every single thing said cause now it all seems so clear as to why Oogway chose Po as the Dragon Warrior. Though I already knew Po’s body weight is the reason why he can withstand blows

  • Lady Lexy Starwatcher
    Lady Lexy Starwatcher

    Wait...there is a third movie?! Man am I behind on like everything.

  • Joshua John
    Joshua John

    He's just a natural born protagonist

  • Kenny Jayden Tjiomas
    Kenny Jayden Tjiomas

    my brain while watching:oogway:there are no accidents me: well the abortion clinic says otherwise

  • Brandon

    Anderson Silva

  • uNo U
    uNo U

    He was chosen because the group needed a tank and he's a brewmaster

  • Yiaun

    I’ve seen so much sponsors about nordvpn and he’s the first one who actually caught my attention about it 😂😂

  • musikSkool

    Well we should leave pandas alone and let nature take its course, first give them back their million acres of bamboo forest and then let nature take its course. They would never have gone extinct in the natural world.

  • [ADHD Noises]
    [ADHD Noises]

    I have a theory about Pandas, I think that the reson they are so weirdly chill, calm, and stupid unlike other bears is because they are always sedated because they would be far too dangerous without the tranqs...

  • Ferdinand

    No mention of butterbean... Sad

  • Meredith's World
    Meredith's World

    Do liv and Maddie next pls!

  • Gimme Da Munny
    Gimme Da Munny

    i mean im not into panda's that much i pretty much just sit and let them do them

  • Kai Han
    Kai Han

    Hmm what happens when you punch twice as fast but ur sums have like 0 weight

  • Rin's World
    Rin's World

    "But also because he can absorb damage" Me: Fatgum is that you?!?

  • Dezz Nutzz
    Dezz Nutzz

    Why am I watching Kung fu panda right now an this video comes up

  • Carlos Castro
    Carlos Castro

    Butter bean the boxer is good example of fat=power.

  • Der Dude
    Der Dude

    Force = mass x acceleration means you need a larger force to accelerate heavier objects. Therefore, it is a disadvantage in the first place. However, the impact of a punch is determined by the Impulse p = mass x velocity. There mass would be an advantage.

  • Upvote Comment
    Upvote Comment

    Is this a Chinese propaganda, masked as a ISdowns content

  • Beach Lasagna
    Beach Lasagna

    MONKE ~Oogway

  • Riko Todoroki
    Riko Todoroki

    I- thank you. Because of you, I'm no longer failing pre bio, pre chem, or physics (and got my grade up in math too, tho it wasn't as bad as the others)

  • I Am ProdAG
    I Am ProdAG

    Video starts at 3:00

  • michael adamczyk
    michael adamczyk

    I love and hate this man at the same time

  • kermit the yeeter
    kermit the yeeter

    Because the movie is called Kung fu panda

  • Virust

    I think pandas are virgins

  • dum dum juice
    dum dum juice

    Me: *watched this video* "There's hope for me after all My asthma: "No"

  • PandiCorn Arrives
    PandiCorn Arrives

    I laughed way to hard at the baby pandas falling once I heard the crunch but I totally relate to po

  • Regular, Non Threatening - Berries
    Regular, Non Threatening - Berries

    this isnt even a theory, its just a great easter egg! I bet thats absolutly what the writers intended and it makes perfect sense. Good on you for making this one matpat

  • Buddy Franco
    Buddy Franco

    No lie my dad and my dad brothers were friends with andy ruiz and I met him

  • Darkness Evil
    Darkness Evil

    because hes bouncy

  • Ellerbrook Schmitz
    Ellerbrook Schmitz

    sure, pandas seem all cute, but if you get to close, make them mad, the are still very strong and surprisingly fast with sharp claws and teeth to eat the bamboo. someone snuck into a panda enclosure, and they very badly injured him

  • MultiColor Cartoons
    MultiColor Cartoons

    6:45 "Checkin my theories,checkin my theories. Tap.

  • Blue Moon Studios
    Blue Moon Studios

    I don't think KFP is perpetuating body stereotypes. I think it's the opposite, which makes all the body shaming important.

  • sam van der plas
    sam van der plas

    The whole trilogy is underrated😇

  • Dennis Hierzer
    Dennis Hierzer

    liked it until body positivity lol

  • syi tiger907
    syi tiger907

    I love tigress

  • Selena’s Silly Show
    Selena’s Silly Show

    7:58 Chewy is mine!!!!!* my kitty cat ‘s name! :3

  • The Other Side of the world
    The Other Side of the world

    matpat: why I hate pandas and you should too matpats son: daddy why are you talking bad things about pandas?

  • lostbladder

    Pandas are cute. We can keep weird pug breeds alive who suffer for their existence, but cute panda bears deserve to die out? We as a species drove countless species into extinction. We can’t try to preserve this one?

  • Jr Rp
    Jr Rp

    Fill theory : who will be the dragon warrior Me: why not the original panda that red pananda

  • koduzziN

    "Finally a theory😂😂"

  • GemTale Gaming
    GemTale Gaming

    Hey mat if do u watch anime?. And if u do whats your favorite anime? 😁

  • The Nerd-Bot
    The Nerd-Bot

    > MatPat: Talking about how Shifu and the others making fun of Po for his body type is both mean-spirited and wrong scientifically. ...wasn't that the entire point of the first movie? Like, throughout the films, it's demonstrated that Po's weight is his greatest asset for his fighting style, focusing on using the momentum of his foes against them, and countering their strikes with his own mass. You're _supposed_ to feel like Shifu and the Five bullying Po is wrong because in the end, it's shown that they _are_ wrong.

  • Elijah Kret
    Elijah Kret

    Film Theory is Film Facts

  • CGF /:
    CGF /:

    The thing about body is so true I’m not the best body type lol but I am extremely athletic

  • toetoe sengprachanh
    toetoe sengprachanh

    China: the dragon warrior😲 Usa: what? *watches Kung fu panda* Ohhhhhhh

  • Brian_ Tulin
    Brian_ Tulin

    Ima go rewhatch the movie for the sixed time now cuz i love the movie

  • Cody Schnell
    Cody Schnell

    Lost me after the first five minutes

  • Ashraf Fuseini
    Ashraf Fuseini

    make a theory about coco

  • mr illis
    mr illis

    Pandas are used as creepy political currency for the CCP.

  • MonkeyFeed

    HBO max is really goof. I canceled netflix bcuz of it lol. also hulu sucks. I have to pay AND have commercials? wth

  • Number One
    Number One

    Why would you want to save china?

  • Pufferfish2206

    All three are available in Canada last time I checked I haven't been on Netflix in a while.

  • Samara Peoples
    Samara Peoples

    Pandas fail at everything in life tho even being bears

  • adamthecoolkid 9
    adamthecoolkid 9

    Me realizing that im not subscribed: i hope nobody finds o- Matpat making a theory on why i wasnt subscribed: "DREAM LEVELS OF SPEEDRUNNING RN"

  • Bolita 64
    Bolita 64

    The BEST tennis players IS from my country (Spain, Rafael Nadal)

  • Kian George
    Kian George

    bro who needs china they are literary war ready against India

  • Mickey Bekele
    Mickey Bekele

    I never noticed, but why do they all have human teeth? Kinda creepy ngl

  • LaLa plays RMG
    LaLa plays RMG

  • harpreet dhaliwal
    harpreet dhaliwal

    What about the other pandas in the village because I don’t see them eating bamboo but they are eating dumplings and other foods so why aren’t they energized like po

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    The real question his son is gonna ask “Mommy, why does daddy spend so much time talking to himself in the closet?”

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    can't wait for 2040 Matpat Jr debunking his dad's theories

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Was your son's first words "But that is just a theory."

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    "Dad, why do you always take notes when we watch disney movie"

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Imagine Oogway thought about all of this in the split second he raised his finger

  • Dinesh Naidu
    Dinesh Naidu

    God bless nord VPN

  • Ruben Mols
    Ruben Mols

    00:00 ik

  • Marco Piolo Lavaro
    Marco Piolo Lavaro

    "Why I Hate Pandas and You Should Too" Lord Shen: Yes, and I love this site

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen

    So if im thin as a twig i can fight? Well not realy as thin as a twig but im thin

  • Ethan Bradshaw
    Ethan Bradshaw

    China doesn't need saving.

  • Colston Brandon
    Colston Brandon

    Love how he shouted out Cormier 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Knightshoot

    0:53 uhh.. scorpion from mortal kombat

  • Poper

    guess i don't need to do diets any more

  • Ashnotavailable

    I started laughing when the pandas started to fall in 5:31

  • Luka Tadic
    Luka Tadic

    oogway chose po because oogway saw the past and bla bla... he says that in the 3rd movie

  • Theodore Demos
    Theodore Demos

    When he deflects the cannon ball in the second movie he literally spins in the shape of a yin yang