Film Theory: Disney's Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King...)
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What Disney movie will reign supreme? Today we are FINALLY crowning the victor of our deadly Disney movie bracket. Will it be the war in Mulan? The famine in Moana? All the dead souls in Hercules? Let's find out once and for all!
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Twitter: @MatPatGT
Editors: Marc Schneider, Matteo Adonis, Alexander "Sedge" Sedgwick, Chance Cole
Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Research and Fellow Death Counters: Zach Stewart

  • Cole Schadel
    Cole Schadel

    *When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit*

    • Mr. Fshy Fshy
      Mr. Fshy Fshy

      I 49th that Yea, I counted.

    • Luke I don’t Know
      Luke I don’t Know


    • Luke I don’t Know
      Luke I don’t Know


    • Luke I don’t Know
      Luke I don’t Know


    • Luke I don’t Know
      Luke I don’t Know


  • Newton Mast
    Newton Mast

    The spiffy lunchroom pathomorphologically laugh because space habitually heap towards a reflective step-father. flowery, gainful quill

  • bruh


  • Chad Kanotz
    Chad Kanotz

    Hmmm. Mulan implies a lot of deaths of offscreen people by framing the scenes to only show part of the army, and the avalanche that appears seems to have already consumed a portion of the galloping army.

  • raze raze
    raze raze

    me, a greek seeing my country mentioned so many times *di caprio pointing at screen* also i get to brag about already knowing the history

  • Zaidu

    what Is with Star Wars?

  • BrawlX

    8:32 was the caption updated recently cause it mentions Coronavirus?

  • Nathaniel Acree
    Nathaniel Acree

    Marvel movies

  • Atsukocchi

    "mad theorist figured out the exact location of the legend of Atlantis"

  • Autum Bickharry
    Autum Bickharry

    Disney's dinosaur

  • Moses Stephen Lualhati
    Moses Stephen Lualhati

    The moment when a Disney movie has more deaths than a horror movie: 👁 👄 👁

  • Kipp Reinhardt
    Kipp Reinhardt

    Video Idea: sentient Body count for Titan A.E.?

  • Tiki Tak
    Tiki Tak

    Yes i choose correctly wohoo....i.i mean wow how sad no all the lemurs that died.But i still choose right one yay.

  • Beezer2016

    I dare you in 2038 20 years later you add all the new movies.

  • musikSkool

    Disney owns Star Wars. "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

  • Karen Clarke
    Karen Clarke


  • Mattrockj

    24:32, I just realized matpat is a meme lord.

  • Snowysparkle

    I was just watching dinosaur recently because I’m on a quest to watch every theatrical dino movie there is. Was pretty shocked by how brutal and out of nowhere that first scene was!

  • Petty Ya Kuo
    Petty Ya Kuo

    intro subbties:dooooo doom doooo doodoo

  • bigkingkill

    actually hate to burst your bubble with the whole Atlantis and Hercules are connected they are not if you watch the movie the father of kida say that he used the core of the city to make a weapon which caused there destruction

  • Amaan Kumar
    Amaan Kumar

    I counted 1469

  • Eddie King
    Eddie King

    Watching this with the captions on was a pure joy.

  • Aden Enos
    Aden Enos


  • Billie Maier
    Billie Maier

    When you calculated the avalanche deaths you counted the horsemen as 1 life each instead of 2.

  • Thomas Moulton
    Thomas Moulton

    The unaccountable north korea preferably talk because shake byerly shave on a invincible certification. volatile, brainy brandy

  • Thomas Moulton
    Thomas Moulton

    The scintillating graphic only claim because mile pharmacodynamically expand by a loving heaven. teeny, rapid trail

  • Oscar Caño
    Oscar Caño

    There are other islands in moana and their ancestors move from island to island

  • アーランOng

    Actually there's another death count in Dinosaurs where a dinosaur died as shown in 20:07 due to exhaustion walking across the desert. Also, I frickin love Dinosaurs movie. So yes, I care about the movie. Animation is still up to date. Story is good and bless the music. P.S. If I want to be picky, the dinosaur that killed by Carnotaur is Pachyrhinosaurus. Also, that movie horned dinosaurs have Styracosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus, no Triceratops. Sorry, watched that movie more than 100 times already,

  • Sid Lainton
    Sid Lainton

    Oh wait I got it right

  • Sid Lainton
    Sid Lainton


  • Drgnz-ball or youri the young productions
    Drgnz-ball or youri the young productions


  • I Make The Sites
    I Make The Sites

    How much time did you waste learning how to save time counting?

  • Alexa Rincon
    Alexa Rincon

    F in chat for all those lemurs


    I GOT IT RIGHT ( I did think it would show the extinction and that’s why I thought it was dinosaurs)

  • Bud FireBird
    Bud FireBird

    Man if "Titan A.E." was a Disney movie....

  • Tufu 90
    Tufu 90

    Waaaa no cringy dad jokes

  • Rudy Valentin
    Rudy Valentin

    If it was Pixar I would pick Wall.E

  • Rexy Zilla 101
    Rexy Zilla 101

    Hey matpat that is not a triceratops it is a pachranisaurus its in the family of the trike SOO ye just to correct you :) also ima nerd

  • Enzo Claudino
    Enzo Claudino

    2019’s doings really were deadly

  • Not Mack Dalrunply
    Not Mack Dalrunply


  • Griffin 2009
    Griffin 2009


  • Demon Dog
    Demon Dog

    Infinity war : want a second

  • Sharkjira Chan
    Sharkjira Chan

    You should do a death count of Godzilla 2021

  • Kristin Magdalena Ágústsdottir
    Kristin Magdalena Ágústsdottir

    I did not even like the movie’s until you made the thery

  • Kristina Kovač
    Kristina Kovač

    Matt you're crazy I can't even calculate 17÷20 and that counts all these numbers here. My math teacher would be proud for you.

  • Prabhjot sivia
    Prabhjot sivia

    Every One Is Like What a Great Child Movie And Game Theorists Come In And Ruined People/Children ChildHood

  • Nehuen del Cerro
    Nehuen del Cerro

    My bet was on Mulan, then I thought maybe it was Hercules, but when I saw the last movie he was gonna talk about was Dinosaur, it was pretty obvious it wasn't going to loose

  • Nehuen del Cerro
    Nehuen del Cerro

    11:20 I heard, 2 feet away of my Atlantis the lost empire's big plastic VHS

  • King the Baby
    King the Baby

    What about all the dead people that Hercules she’s trying to save that one girl do those count

  • SiannaJATP

    If a person takes the time to research and figure out what the death count of Disney movies you know they have way to much time on there hands

  • Heather Griffith
    Heather Griffith

    I retract this theory because at the end of the movie The curse reached the island and I I think this wasn't just a coincidence when she comes home the darkness has already like covered the island so I think there are some cannibals on an island and I just gave you a theory

  • Heather Griffith
    Heather Griffith

    Did you notice that when you Donna comes home at the end of the movie The curse

    • Heather Griffith
      Heather Griffith

      Reach the island

  • Karis

    You missed the friend of moana's dad who (i thinked) drowned


    The people that thought it was 260 probably tried to count all of them themself

  • Frank Steel
    Frank Steel

    10:55 Water-Phobic? It's AQUAPHOBIC!!!!!

  • Frank Steel
    Frank Steel

    07:31 Maui: Oh no! Oh no! Oh no no no no no!!!

  • LeoH

    Me: Go on lion king! Also Me Later In the video: I always believed in you Atlantis Also Also Me: I always said “Dinosaur your gonna be number 1!”

  • mike DOGpro
    mike DOGpro


  • Coltonsmom713

    callin it dinosours


    Film theory, where you can over-analyze every movie in existence while taking 15,679,889,723 caffeine pills simultaneously.

  • Tortoise Gaming
    Tortoise Gaming

    The man had to solve the Atlantis mystery just to find Disney death count now that’s dedication

  • Virtual Dhruv 2.0
    Virtual Dhruv 2.0

    Are you fine big brother 🙏 hope you well and healthy. It is my dream to meet you big bro MattPat🙏.

  • Jack Goodwin
    Jack Goodwin

    I would say moana will win

  • Michael Bujaki
    Michael Bujaki

    If Disney does a story about 2020 it will be the new top deadliest.

  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores

    I think lion king

  • Jomar Marrero
    Jomar Marrero

    DreamWorks vs Disney Who's bloodiest?

  • Car Rant
    Car Rant

    Deaths in Shonen Jump anime?

  • Brandon Doran
    Brandon Doran

    The music:🤘👾😝🥳😸😽 The video: 👺☠👹👿

  • lisasciambra


  • Graham Hernandez
    Graham Hernandez

    24:54, that's a different thumbnail

  • Fishy brudua
    Fishy brudua

    Dino because extinct

  • canadian narwhal
    canadian narwhal

    13:05 hades is also immortal

  • Willy Harris
    Willy Harris

    All of sudden a new disney movie comes an 1 billon people dies

  • bobjiggity

    You know you can't see the curse coming in Moana

  • Eric Wilson
    Eric Wilson


  • Mickey Bekele
    Mickey Bekele


  • oscar terry
    oscar terry

    yesssssssssssssssssssss i guessed it


    MatPat:Lion king is the deadliest Mulan:YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORAL Dinosaur:👁👄👁

  • Panda Plays
    Panda Plays

    Yo no joke i was searching interesting stuff and then i clicked the new suggested then it lined up

  • MacDawnlds UwU
    MacDawnlds UwU

    For moana you for got to count all of the ghost boats of dead peopel

  • STB4G

    Hold on hold on This is first time I've watched this video and while you were rambling about Hercules, i was thinking hey he never went over dinosaur i wonder how many deaths that has Because I saw dinosaur while looking at the scrolling deaths

  • RA Harvey
    RA Harvey

    Guessed it

  • Piggy Nator
    Piggy Nator


  • Lola Buell
    Lola Buell

    its actlly called AQUAPHOBIC afrid of water

  • Olivier Lacroix
    Olivier Lacroix

    moana killed fall guys

  • Desss No
    Desss No

    I looked at the thumbnaul and thought its gonna be about moanas body count..

  • Chris Jull
    Chris Jull

    Dinosaur 🦖

  • d williams
    d williams

    I love the subtitles, always adding little quirks like"(almost had a brain explosion there)"

  • Oscar Rawson
    Oscar Rawson

    i think herkusles

  • Egg man
    Egg man


  • Keith


  • Keith


  • Keith

    I think it is Malon because she is like a cowboy👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾🤠🤠🤠🤠

  • Keith

    I think it is Malon because she is like a

    • Keith

      Foggy Gg Fhcv Fggv Funny Gg Gg Gg GB F an on Goff Fab FBC BFF Fhjk Fhjj Ed chef card cfhddfgcvhhvvvbhh

  • brad newsome
    brad newsome


  • Hidden Desire
    Hidden Desire

    There is also the famous “Biblical” flood of not only Abrahamian faiths, but also a vast multitude of other cultures which predated their interactions. Even many Native American tribes (who they themselves aren’t actually the first Americans as the Kennewick Man was of Causcoid descent rather than Siberian) have stories of a great flood. So what could’ve been this event? A great flood during the end of the last ice age. Water trapped behind ice shelves being unleashed, crashing over the lowlands which became flooded as sea levels rose, areas where ancient cultures who likely relied on fishing for a main source of food would’ve been built and have been wiped out.

  • makayla

    Mulan wasnt a real person my guy 🥴

  • GameBoy

    P i x a r

  • x X P u n s 4 e v e r X x
    x X P u n s 4 e v e r X x

    honestly, those captions had me crying 😂😂😂 also my vote was actually Atlantis :T

  • Wyphern

    Something confuses me. In moana, wouldn't there have been other tribes on other island

    • EJ Padilla
      EJ Padilla

      Also watching during quarantine?

    • EJ Padilla
      EJ Padilla

      Yes but it’s not in the parameters of the movie. We aren’t shown them in the movie so according to the rules set at the beginning makes those deaths not count