Film Theory: Why Godzilla WINS! (Godzilla vs Kong 2021)
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The King of Monsters is back and this time he is not alone! The trailers for Godzilla vs Kong look epic and it meant I had to take a swing at the BIG question - who will WIN? Well Theorists, it's actually pretty simple. So instead of hedging my bets, I'm going to come out and say it. Godzilla will WIN and King King will... well the answer is not that simple. You will just have to watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • BlackScape

    I want to see Zilla and Shin Godzilla AFTER Godzilla vs Kong 2021

    • Nandraja Jadeja
      Nandraja Jadeja


    • Logan Reaves
      Logan Reaves

      Sounds pretty 1 sided

    • Armando Salazar
      Armando Salazar

      Zilla be wreckt

    • Huse Family Gaming
      Huse Family Gaming

      Omg yes

    • Evilgoat56

      My votes with Shin Godzilla.

  • Bryce Masga
    Bryce Masga

    There are 2 choices of what people think 1: Godzilla did actually defeat kong, he defeated kong 2 times, kong defeated him once. 2: They called it a tie.

  • kakadoo

    Or u can say there was a big robot so dangerous they co ope

  • liewi fidel
    liewi fidel

    I swear Mat shouldn’t even be aloud to write spoiler free anymore because of how accurate his predictions are, it’s click-bate at this point

  • Brian hernandez
    Brian hernandez

    I wanted monkey to win

  • yunesh

    ok mecha godzilla is not in godzilla costume but mechazodzilla is there

  • Anuradha

    Mechagodzilla was in fact in the movie 🎥 👌 💀 😂 👏 🤣 🎥 👌 💀 😂 👏

  • Anuradha

    Mathew your theory about godzilla vs king 🤴 kong is right ✅ 👌 🙌 ♥ 👍 😎 ✅ 👌 🙌 ♥ 👍 😎 ✅

  • Tawananyasha duve
    Tawananyasha duve

    Congratulations man you were way overdue for a W

  • Akash Kamath
    Akash Kamath

    mathpat what do u dont know in the intro the popcorn or the film??

  • TheXtravagant

    No kong win Cuz bing monky

  • Nam Le
    Nam Le

    It’s funny how wrong he was

  • Stacey Barnes
    Stacey Barnes


  • Stacey Barnes
    Stacey Barnes

    Godzilla did not win the teamed up on Mecha Godzilla

  • saikyaw1999


  • warren 50ithstation
    warren 50ithstation

    before i watch this, do you even need a reason?. like its Godzilla against monke, a literal fucking god pitted against an oversize ape (with a cool blue flavored axe)

  • Joshua Traboco
    Joshua Traboco


  • LilFigi Water
    LilFigi Water

    Its because king kong is just an earlier version of a giant

  • TheCynicalOne

    Wow. What a prescient theory. You even called the Mecha-Godzilla angle.

  • Spicyleaves

    Ehhhhh I would say you're like, 40% right

  • Fantom Phoenix
    Fantom Phoenix

    Soo...the title was sort of right? Godzilla did win the fight between him and Kong, as Kong would've died without getting his heart restarted. So Godzilla won, and they both still teamed up. Neat

  • swathi kalurupalle
    swathi kalurupalle

    Every theory could be derailed by one thing it's called Fiction/magic, the thing that all these movies are supposed to have in them so stop using realism

  • Jennifer Mccourt
    Jennifer Mccourt

    Well they both won

  • thaaniya isaacs
    thaaniya isaacs

    you are roing

  • Party Dragon
    Party Dragon

    You got it right

  • Godzilla And Friends gmr
    Godzilla And Friends gmr

    Oh no first titanic then Pokémon then spongebob you can not even spare Godzilla the real evil one is you and it’s just a movie how does it affect the real world?

  • mason cruz
    mason cruz

    I've almost been half of the movie but I want to see the whole movie

  • fang

    But what if the monster were the size of Dinosaurs

  • Mecha Gaming
    Mecha Gaming

    0:34 Every time I see that moment, my heart is dealt a great pain. Those poor legos.

  • Alimi isyraf
    Alimi isyraf

    Wow so accurate keep upp the good content guys hope you well.


    I have a theory, the logo has four supposed colored line so it means there is a fourth channel that he will make. But hey thats just a theory. A dumb theory

  • Justin Parcasio
    Justin Parcasio

    GODZILLA NO LONGER TITAN SAVIOR: Eight dead,dozens injured in Apex Cybernetics attack

  • GamerPepperPig99

    semi right semi wrong

  • Tessa Dubeau
    Tessa Dubeau


  • steven kanneh
    steven kanneh

    Thank you for teaching me since teacher

  • Rishard Linson
    Rishard Linson

    Bro its unnatural how right you were

  • Fidel Romero
    Fidel Romero

    Is it me did it said why kong wins?

    • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner
      Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

      Godzilla won

  • Kyle Buese
    Kyle Buese


  • Kyle Buese
    Kyle Buese

    I am from the future and both win and Mecca godzilla

  • Sarah Fortner
    Sarah Fortner

    Just see King Kong shoving a tree down Godzilla‘s throat

    • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner
      Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

      But still lost

  • Zachary Brooks
    Zachary Brooks

    Mecha Godzilla will win.

    • Zachary Brooks
      Zachary Brooks

      I mean lose

  • why the memes
    why the memes

    Matpat used a time stone to look in the future

  • Random _
    Random _

    i hope this is real

  • Mandeta

    There is no winner let me explain -- Kong almost died and you saying he lost? Lets get to the movie (Godzila 2) godzila almost died and people saved him so that means king of the monster won? No thats the same with kong he didin't die

  • TechNeko BS
    TechNeko BS

    0:46 XD

  • Hezlen_p

    But Kong is the hero and Zilla is evil 😈

    • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner
      Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

      He was trying to find mechagodzilla.

  • StopMotion16

    Mat pat in this video: kong will take down Godzilla. Mat pat when he sees the movie: 😐😑😐

  • The Jank Enthusiast
    The Jank Enthusiast

    this aged well, Let's be honest

  • LancerCharge Gaming
    LancerCharge Gaming

    Watching this right now but Godzilla did win

  • ChryssJames Malicdem
    ChryssJames Malicdem

    wrong godzilla actualy wins against kong technacly but then mecha godzilla made from monarch comes then godzilla loosing from mecha godzilla kong helps him but how you may ask yes kong lost he almost died but the humans helped him survive then told kong godzilla was the good guy then they won godzilla went to the ocean in to the sunset while kong standing there so technacly godzilla won

    • Dante Ison
      Dante Ison

      So many languages, but you chose to speak a mixture of all of them combined with terrible grammar and spelling

    • ChryssJames Malicdem
      ChryssJames Malicdem

      i wachted it bruh

  • Prog47

    How many calories does Kong and Godzilla need per day?

  • รังสรรค์ (Augus) หว่อง
    รังสรรค์ (Augus) หว่อง

    Well the movie is out so this is what happened. Round 1: Godzilla Wins Round 2: Kong Wins Round 3: Godzilla Wins Round 4 Against Mecha Godzilla: Kong And Godzilla.

  • Centurion BigNut
    Centurion BigNut

    Matthew said he would study what Godzilla’s atomic breath would do to Kong but he only mentions it to get subscribers, what a lie

  • Mavi Dinazor #saveralph
    Mavi Dinazor #saveralph


  • Bulbasaur

    Godzilla wins, Kong almost(or did) died in the movie and got revived, and they worked together to defeat Mechagodzilla aka Kevin(San) Edit: I meant died/die

  • Loren Holmes
    Loren Holmes

    10:58 he even predicted kong's battle axe 😳

    • Nam Le
      Nam Le

      It was in the literal trailer

  • Alexander Mains
    Alexander Mains

    Who would win A prehistoric aquatic lizard with atomic breath and is power by atomic or nuclear energy Or Big ape

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack

    do some toho movie theories

  • Cat on the moon
    Cat on the moon

    I love that this theory is right!

  • ArawnsFire

    “ Unconquerable “

  • Absol197

    I'm sure someone else has already made this correction, that promo for the original King Kong was "the unconquerable King Kong," as in "unable to be conquered." Not "uncomfortable" =p !

  • Dohyden2

    It's pretty funny how in the movie Kong never stood a chance against Godzilla. Giant lizard wins every time.

  • Cliff Sheets
    Cliff Sheets

    15:00 Oh, so close! But wrong! I've stopped watching your theories before I see the actual movie for two reasons. 1) To avoid spoilers and 2) because when you turn out to be wrong (which is often #everystarwarstheory, it still detracts from the movie-watching experience.

  • Navakrish Dinesh Babu
    Navakrish Dinesh Babu

    no megh godzilla is in the end when godzilla and kong team up

  • Gamer 94
    Gamer 94

    Godzilla is at the top of the natural scale of Titans.

  • Joep en Saartje
    Joep en Saartje


  • Kim Ryan
    Kim Ryan


  • William Engelbrecht
    William Engelbrecht

    5:24 Gamera doesn't even exist in the Monsterverse, let alone the same universe as any version of Godzilla.

    • William Engelbrecht
      William Engelbrecht

      @Nixx A lot of people might care!

    • Nixx

      ok who cares

  • Victor cruz señor salsa
    Victor cruz señor salsa

    Nope i am in may and saw it

  • Angel BBVA
    Angel BBVA

    How many of you believed in this theory Matt made before the movie was released ? 🤔

  • Angel BBVA
    Angel BBVA

    So you’re telling me that Godzilla was made by a thief ? 😂


    Actually Godzilla is taller than Kong

  • Mr Mudkip
    Mr Mudkip


  • Branthepianist _21
    Branthepianist _21

    I love how in the original movie, you can clearly tell it's 2 people in costumes play fighting 😭

  • Acid Samuraï
    Acid Samuraï

    Unconquerable *

  • Jj Thomson
    Jj Thomson

    Godzilla attack because they're my making Mechagodzilla there

  • Jj Thomson
    Jj Thomson

    None of the one in the movie one

  • Liam Burlaka-Pike
    Liam Burlaka-Pike

    if u want any movie ever free go to soap2day its a movie

  • Erobos Abzu Lamashtu
    Erobos Abzu Lamashtu

    "Mothra!" "Why did you say that name!" >__< :D ^__^

  • Liam Parr
    Liam Parr

    My kaiju life is a lie

  • Lex Faith
    Lex Faith


  • LouAnn Sensabaugh
    LouAnn Sensabaugh

    BUT hey thats just a theory, a FILM theory. (me) not a theory 0_0

  • Sam Cunningham
    Sam Cunningham

    Make more Kong and Godzilla videos please

  • Dani Kisikan
    Dani Kisikan

    But.... Monke

  • Xxx Doub
    Xxx Doub

    Btw they team up on mechagodzilla

  • fareez fazly
    fareez fazly

    raoud 1 godzilla win vs kong raoud 2 godzilla vs mechagodzilla mechagodzilla win

  • Stu Padasso
    Stu Padasso

    16:20 "Mechani-Kong" actually inspired the creation of Mechagodzilla to begin with.

  • NineplaysYT

    who would win a giant city destroying monster or big monke

  • The mall in your City
    The mall in your City

    "and what are they called?" "Skullcrawlers" "Why do they call that?" "Cause it sounds neat"


    I wanna know how shin Godzilla was made, is it even possible, there can only be 1 Godzilla, shin Godzilla should fight godzilla, because shin Godzilla is just a wannabe Godzilla, nobody knows how he was created, I think you should make a video about shin Godzilla... if you already didn’t

  • empty account
    empty account

    7:40 I think it might have been un-conquerable rather than uncomfortable lol (even though I believe the correct form is in-conquerable)

  • Savannah Smith
    Savannah Smith

    Gun vs fist

  • ghaslty gaming
    ghaslty gaming

    This mecha godzilla theory is um.... not saying :/

  • ghaslty gaming
    ghaslty gaming

    They both did

  • ghaslty gaming
    ghaslty gaming

    Um none of them won...

    • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner
      Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

      Godzilla did.

  • LegendaryKing

    From 4:34- 4:54, I haven't laughed this hard in a while 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Gojifan68 -
    Gojifan68 -

    I mean the title was kind of right Godzilla did win but not the way this video was trying to predict

  • AL Playz
    AL Playz

    your theory was almost correct

  • Albino Alpha
    Albino Alpha

    *don't read if you haven't seen the movie* HAHA KONG YOU LOSE GODZILLA WINS!!! Mecha was there tho not disguised he was still in testing fighting mutos or skull crawlers don't remember which

  • Sangeetha Nickson
    Sangeetha Nickson

    Me watched the movie today i mean the new one

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