Film Theory: The Secret Ingredient of SpongeBob's Krabby Patty! (SpongeBob SquarePants)
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Spongebob Squarepants was a childhood favorite of many. It's an underwater adventure with great songs and memorable characters. Even more memorable is the big mystery at the heart of Spongebob's job at the Krusty Krab. You guessed it Theorists, today we are uncovering the SECRET INGREDIENT of the Krabby Patty recipe! Hold on to your Squarepants, this is NOT what you expected!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Marc Schneider and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Jerome Rolanda
    Jerome Rolanda

    Him:sponge bob is on the menu Me:wait does sponge bob work there for free and not tell the secret formula to save his family? Hol up lol Lol im joking But there is no other sponges i know of out side of sponge bobs family???

  • BloodyAssault

    Does anyone else not hear audio between 2:45 and 3:00

  • Enderabyss

    Actually I think the ingredient aka the meat is actually crab meat I heard that crabs can be cannibals and feast on other crabs. This would explain why there is only one crab mr crabs. And isn't it kinda weird why he doesn't share the ingredient because what if he knew it would get him sentenced to jail. This is the biggest part of evidence, the krusty krab is shaped like a crab trap!

  • Joe Guy
    Joe Guy

    The secret ingredient CRAB THE KRUSTY CRAB IS A CRAB TRAP!

  • Roz Hughlett
    Roz Hughlett

    The tedious brass observationally paint because hand expectably decay but a unequal game. sloppy, safe ankle

  • Meowww Arff arfff !
    Meowww Arff arfff !

    Didn't the creators themselves already say its crab

  • Ethan Harvan
    Ethan Harvan

    It could be in the fish language

  • Potato man l
    Potato man l

    Bruh Plankton can easily steal the formula if he only just watches SpongeBob Square Pants.

  • Stigma

    Aw man, this video was too early for food theory


    Anyone want to make a Krabby patty at home? Just make a normal cheeseburger, but make it using crab meat.


    Fun fact: The actual secret formula is what the MEAT is made of. Hey read the name slowly: Krabby patty, krab-by patty, CRAB-by patty, CRAB by patty. Krusty CRAB. Oh wait, doesn't the name mean a crab that is Krusty? Heck yeah, the shape of the restaurant is a literal crab trap. The secret ingredient is actually crab meat... (one of the episodes literally shows that it's made of crab limbs, well SpongeBob tells everyone that it's made of crab limbs)

  • Revan

    It’s crab

  • alexeeee

    In the movie people liked the food the pirate was making and mr krabs took the trouble to find the formula there is an big plot hole but nice try

  • alexeeee

    There is no secret -pos papa

  • alexeeee

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Who lives under an burger in your bread Ba ac ter ia!!

  • idk xd
    idk xd

    i think its made out of crab but gotta say why is it called a "krabby patty" it has the the word krabby but does that mean its made out of crabs this is a theroy but thats evidence but is it made out of crab though?

  • Dexio

    The secret formula may not exist, but I think there is a secret ingredient. I believe its horseradish sauce, but I could always be wrong.

  • Jazzin marceloww
    Jazzin marceloww

    Plankton accidentally make the formula.

  • Nicks Games
    Nicks Games

    A krabby pattty is made out of crab meat. Krab=crab

  • Dr. Sabertooth
    Dr. Sabertooth

    So this theory honnestly makes sense on the surface, but.... In the spongebob movie 2, (which they got Stephenn Hillenberg to work on) the second movie could be considered cannon (since if it wasn't he would've stated it) The main villain steals the recipe and makes the exact krabby paddy's And you could just say it's just an ordinary burger. but it's been shown that nobody but spongebob, the original cook before spongebob, and plankton (after he steals the recipe in the movie) can make them So there must be some sort of recipe in it

  • Grimm

    No, the secret ingredient is gasp... CRABS!

  • SoltzRoblox

    I dont know if this would go in *Food theory* or *Film theory*

  • Idloxuh

    Need an update, in the movie Sponge Out of Water the Krusty Krab goes out of business due to losing the formula, meaning it truly was necessary to make the patties - there's no way Krabs would lose out on days of business to keep up his marketing when he could have just made up another lie, like saying he has the recipe in his head.

  • yayeet 1536
    yayeet 1536

    Why can't you hear mr crabs at the 2min mark

  • Pikabroi Boy
    Pikabroi Boy

    I’m at the start of the video and I just think that he is just going to do a walle and say it’s human flesh

    • Pikabroi Boy
      Pikabroi Boy

      A minute later and he mentioned Columbian sugar

  • seecunning

    Male sure that plankton doesn't watch this episode

  • The Awkward Goose
    The Awkward Goose

    I have something to add to this theory, in one of the episodes mr krabs eats chum once and is obsessed ever since and weird things happens to him when he doesnt have it and chum is in the secret formula so is that what makes everyone addicted and even get stomach cramps because of not eating krabby patties?

  • Chorlox Bleach
    Chorlox Bleach

    The secret ingredient is actually crab ..

  • DestinyReaction AndVlogs
    DestinyReaction AndVlogs

    The secret ingredient is crabs what took y’all so long to figure that out?

  • Nay Nay
    Nay Nay

    The Krabby Patty formula is a chemical they put inside the burger to make it addicting. I remember realizing that and remembering that’s what they do to our food in real life. 💀



  • Gontse Mksani
    Gontse Mksani

    I wonder if it might be whale meat

  • axolotl boi
    axolotl boi

    in the new sponge bob movie sponge on the run you get another glimse at the formula

  • Dylan Cleverley
    Dylan Cleverley

    All we need is a bun, patty, ketchup, mustard, pickles, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, onions and another bun! :D We can make Krabby Patties now!

  • Echo Incorporated
    Echo Incorporated

    If food theory came out 2 years ago, this video would've appeared there. Let that sink in.

  • Team_ Ghost
    Team_ Ghost

    Years later this would be sooo much better on food theory. 😕

  • Daryl Reimers
    Daryl Reimers

    The secret ingredient is Chicken Of The Sea. Think about it.

  • Maddie

    The secret ingredient is crab meat

  • beanboy 88
    beanboy 88

    Yeah but the movie

  • Sal

    I thought the secret ingredient was Plankton.

  • Corann Thomas-Allen
    Corann Thomas-Allen

    I mean see

  • Corann Thomas-Allen
    Corann Thomas-Allen

    I mean ser

  • Corann Thomas-Allen
    Corann Thomas-Allen

    Because mr krabs is the only krab now you ser

  • Corann Thomas-Allen
    Corann Thomas-Allen

    The secret formula krabs

  • Mary 1324
    Mary 1324

    The kraby patty secret formula has mr.crabs meat (yes he has said it in one episode) and cocane ;-;

  • Madelyn Benson
    Madelyn Benson

    this should be a food thery

  • Ayshe Avan
    Ayshe Avan

    I have a theory, the recipe in THAT episode is fake but there is a real recipe. There are two recipes. Krabs is tricking Plankton and if this is true we gotta find the real formula! Isn’t that’s a cool theory?

  • Grape Man
    Grape Man


  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina

    The perpetual sphynx supply repair because capricorn ultrascructurally note after a plastic overcoat. cheerful, befitting ethiopia

  • Caleb Hunt
    Caleb Hunt

    Because it is called a krabypatty

  • Caleb Hunt
    Caleb Hunt

    The real secret is crab meat 🦀

  • Allie Glassburn
    Allie Glassburn

    Food theory?

  • Sherry Fore
    Sherry Fore

    So in 2008 apparently there was an episode that the krabby patty formula was shown. I'm not Completly sure that you can see it but it does show on an episode.

  • Heather Griffith
    Heather Griffith

    Matpat have you noticed that Mr krabs is the only crab in beciny bottom and crabs taste amazing😏

  • Emma Raye
    Emma Raye

    I thought it was made of real krabs ._.

  • Cooper Carrington
    Cooper Carrington

    Food theory episode?

  • j borrego
    j borrego

    Crab meat or crab juice lol

  • Nyarlathotep

    And here I thought Mr. Krabs is just putting his meat in the burger

  • Angry Dergon
    Angry Dergon

    Uhh, there was an entire episode on getting a shipment of the secret sauce/secret ingredient

  • TheBacon2UrSoap

    Can you do one on who Pearl's mother is?

  • Sunita Misra
    Sunita Misra

    U all r dumb it’s obviously cucumbers cuz cucumbers taste good and if people found out that mr crabs made a sandwich with pickles and cucumbers they would be horrified even tho the cucumbers make it taste good and cuz I had to comment on this I went on to my moms account so I could comment this

    • Sunita Misra
      Sunita Misra

      Those r the 2 things I want to believe

    • Sunita Misra
      Sunita Misra

      That’s what I wanna believe at least and if they like pickles and cucumbers then mr crabs didn’t wanna reveal his god like recipe

  • GalaxyLH

    Krab meat?

  • Gabriel Angelos
    Gabriel Angelos

    The secret ingredient is crab

  • Cheryl Stork
    Cheryl Stork

    his daughter = whale Him = crab .... WAIT WHAT HOW DID HE GIVE BIRTH TO A WHALE !?

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy

    At 7:41, that map is incorrect, there IS McDonald's in Hungary

  • Squallycellar 25
    Squallycellar 25

    Crab meat?

  • ee

    Where did the _beef_ come from? *Da cow* _there are no cows under the sea_ *_Da _**_-fishes-_* *Ah yes, the floor is made out of floor*

  • Parker Horr
    Parker Horr

    Its crab meat

  • Turkeyballz

    crabs are cannibals so imagine if crabs kills little crabs and use them as meat

  • Turkeyballz

    im sure its plankton

  • Cyber C
    Cyber C

    Plot twist: mr Krabs doesn’t know how to type

  • Darlene Polizzi
    Darlene Polizzi

    Hmmm crab

  • liam patrick panlilio
    liam patrick panlilio

    i found the secret ingredients its this

  • Copper The Metal
    Copper The Metal

    Everybody says that it’s made of crabs and saying about a old episode Mid Life Crustacean which is about Mr. Krabs feeling old and everyone says that he takes a bite of a krabby patty and says “So that’s what i taste like.” BUT actually before it a kid says Ew this krabby patty is old and shabby and the kid gives it to him or something and when mr krabs gets it he’s says that because he was feeling OLD and SHABBY and i’m tired of people saying that he only said So that’s what i taste like.

    • Copper The Metal
      Copper The Metal

      and i forgot in another episode it was a farm and mr krabs says this is where we get our ingredients AND pigs and cows are straight up there!

  • AbsoluteGMR

    It’s Krab meat that’s why the restaurant is in the shape a krab trap he is selling he’s own kind but he LOVES MONEY

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy

    Ok then how did burgerbeard make Krabby patty in the movie?

  • molly webb
    molly webb

    hold up. i have an idea. the secret ingredient is . . . . . . . . . . crab meat! 1] every item has the main ingredient in the name. like kelp drink. 2] have you ever noticed MR crabs is the only crab in the show. 3] the actual restaurant is made, from a crab trap! . . . your welcome XD

  • Lady Sullivan
    Lady Sullivan

    The pattys are made from a person?????

  • Sebastian Ceh
    Sebastian Ceh

    Then how come he was successful with the formula in the movie. He stole the formula infront of Mr. Krabs. His customers were still happy with the food before the buckets on their heads. So this demonstrates that there is an actual formula and plankton used it successfully.


    Fun fact:the krusty crab is not a chest its a crab fishin net you know i dont know the word

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    I know this is two years old and I will never be talked about. But I remembered an episode when we see Crabs and Plankton becoming friends in their younger years explaining the rival between them. They try to own a restaurant but the food was terrible. After Plankton gets mad and slams the door. We see the shelf break and collective of ingredients fall into the patch of the food. Crabs tastes the food and it instantly tasted good.

    • Dylan Cleverley
      Dylan Cleverley

      These ingredients didn't even get taken out of their containers so they didn't mix with the batter! There is no secret formula!

  • Grace Huynh
    Grace Huynh

    The secret ingredient is crab

  • TheAllAmericanTurkey TheAllAmericanTurkey
    TheAllAmericanTurkey TheAllAmericanTurkey

    You might be right, but I’m pretty sure that the secret Krabby patty formula is crab

  • Elyiana Animates
    Elyiana Animates

    I still think its cocaine

  • ExEHyper


  • Angry Sandwich
    Angry Sandwich

    Meatcanyon already told us what the secret ingredient is

  • Abdulrahman Alaa
    Abdulrahman Alaa

    Actually, i do remember a certain episode when i was a kid. it was about the foundations of the Krusty Krab, so yea ima sum it up real quick. so plankton and Mr Krabs where friends back then trying to make a business together and yea i think Mr krabs made the formula (idk if plankton helped him or not, my memory isn't that good) so basically, plankton and Eugene somewhere in the mid of the episode have a fight and plankton leaves him (there was a scene where they both played tug of war with the formula to see who gets it), and plankton gets the final ingredient whilst Eugene gets the almost full version. so yea all it said about that formula is, and i quote ".... and a pinch of chum". and then plankton goes forth to experiment different formulas and adding chum to them, but none of them worked. and that's why plankton named his restaurant The Chum Bucket.

  • KK - 03TH 866578 Fernforest PS
    KK - 03TH 866578 Fernforest PS

    Matpat:Is this the Krabby patty secret formula Patrick:*No this is patrick* *Im not a Krabby patty secret formula*

  • Crazy’s Show
    Crazy’s Show

    The secret ingredient is a crab patty because the creator of sponge bob was a marine biologist and wanted to give a hint of their past. Don’t say that it is barbaric because crabs are cannibals. Hence the name, “Crabby Patty.”

  • Maya Tekchandani
    Maya Tekchandani

    Plot twist : the recipe was written in sea language

  • Maya Tekchandani
    Maya Tekchandani


  • Mason Mcgee
    Mason Mcgee

    Sorry to burst the bubble Matt but in the episode where the talk about plankton and Mr krabs past and when 0they were kids mr krabs drops a whole bunch of different no named ingredients in patty batter showing that to be the ingredients inless they lied about the story about mr krabs and plankton which is the only way this is a marketing scam

  • luistheArteist l
    luistheArteist l


  • Radstorm Animations
    Radstorm Animations

    It’s crabs that’s the secret ingredient it’s not a secret anymore

  • Presley Thompson
    Presley Thompson

    We all thought GRAVITY FALLS would never go away...But here we are.

  • Jason Tate
    Jason Tate

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  • Jason Tate
    Jason Tate

    Spongebob not only lost Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of this iconic cartoon-series, but also Eberhard Prüter, the german voice of Squidward Tentacles as well. Eberhard Prüter fitted Squidward just perfectly. It is a huge loss for the german voice acting-department. If you watch the older episodes of Spongebob Squarepants in german, you will agree with me.

  • Lloyd Ninjago
    Lloyd Ninjago

    Wait what about the spongebob movie sponge out of water

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy

    *"The secret ingredient is crime."*

  • 6-4 Сэцэн.Б
    6-4 Сэцэн.Б

    there is an episode that when they were like "BC" and when they saw a crab they ate it and it was great somehow mr crabs found out it and that is why it is yummy plus he and larry are the only crabs in the city

    • Gabe Allen
      Gabe Allen

      Larry isn’t a crab he’s a lobster and in the episode kracked krabs sponge bob and mr krabs meet a bunch of other krabs

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