Film Theory: Did Disney STEAL Finding Nemo?
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Disney is infamous for keeping a tight hold on it's copyright, including taking it to extremes with things that TECHNICALLY fall under public domain in their original format. Well, that is not what happened with Finding Nemo. You see, the story of Finding Nemo is VERY similar to a not as well known children's story. One that is NOT in the public domain. Today, Theorists, we are going to dive deep and figure out if Disney actually STOLE the story of Finding Nemo!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Pedro Freitas, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • justin hassan
    justin hassan

    Why did he make Mickey crazy

  • PaiCult

    disney takes from everyone.. Stole the Grims stories and made them less fun

  • Ed and Jeremy
    Ed and Jeremy

    well matpat went to the dark side

  • Space Dragon
    Space Dragon

    ok but alternately consider: the amount of money disney has is an atrocity and this guy is still right to go for that cash grab purely because disney's money is so grossly excessive. it's direct action against a corporate monopoly, yo!

  • Lukas Edwards
    Lukas Edwards

    I like how the relationship of matpat and mickey has grown

  • Bradie C
    Bradie C

    12:40 this is like that one Star Trek thing where basically in the first film one guys sacrifices himself for the other and in the new one the other sacrifices himself for the one guy

  • Bradley Morrison
    Bradley Morrison

    copyright, WAS I BORN IN RUSSIA

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    Fil More

    Imagine them in the court, arguing about story plots

  • Vidya-Jnana Danlag
    Vidya-Jnana Danlag

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    Giancarlo Huaman

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  • Kidomono

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  • Jonathan dream land
    Jonathan dream land

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  • Ahu Sağlam
    Ahu Sağlam

    Is it only me that thinks illustration of Franck Le Calvez looks like rick astley

  • Željka Rožman
    Željka Rožman

    I dislike Disney Why it eats companies? Why is Mickey mouse nice, and a friend? I like brutal Mickey. Disneyland is ew

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    Matpat and his employees spend around 28 hours on each video there are 168 hours in a week divide that by two that’s 84 divide that by 3 that 28 3 for each channel not accounting breaks or gtlive

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    JayTeenTv Gaming

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    Victory Vicky

    "Great minds think alike"

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    Hudson Bartram

    Please do a regular show episode

  • cat bucket
    cat bucket

    1:30 LegalEagle uss pissed

  • mingau br
    mingau br

    That mouse better call saul Lmao look like they did

  • chris montpas
    chris montpas

    Lion King was ripped off of a Japanese movie called Kimba the lion what about that one?

  • ashlynn gurupatham
    ashlynn gurupatham

    I love how evil Micky is in these videos

  • キミテュ ン
    キミテュ ン

    Idk, to me Mattpad and Mickey seem to chill in this video, Mickey laughs insane all time so it's normal 😂

  • Thiago’s Gaming Life
    Thiago’s Gaming Life

    Can you make friends with Mickey

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    Nichole Millikan

    ? huuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Snow axe
    Snow axe

    It's like Yamcha going against Goku

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    Kkinsey ‘

    Nemo’s dad is Nemo’s *next m a t e*

  • Kris Dreemurr
    Kris Dreemurr

    Only a minute in and it already sounds like the Simba/Kimba talk-

  • Golbarde

    Why did the guy's drawing look so much like Rick Astley?

  • Bree Serrano
    Bree Serrano

    Petition to make MatPat my lawyer

  • Anbu

    ok but disclaimers still shouldnt even be a thing. it actually makes the world more unfair in the longterm. ez fix: the only thing youre not allowed to do is say that its youre idea unless its really youre idea. aslong as you do not state that its youre idea you should be able to make an exact 1 to 1 copy and sell it(obviously you could also do something like : if its obvious that you just copy and pasted something in a software instead of making it from scratch its illegal)

  • Shane Animations
    Shane Animations

    Why does the french guy look like rick astley

  • JM Salalila
    JM Salalila

    Him:imagine u have a 300 billion company The richest man in the world:ur half way to me cause no wone is been a trillionare Me:thats true ur only a billionare

  • vezee the Youtuber
    vezee the Youtuber

    I expected mickymouse .exe at the end of his laugh

  • NeoCarl Jacinto
    NeoCarl Jacinto

    Perfect Villain background story

  • lesjackc11

    Whoever did that Mickey mouse voice deserves a Pay rise

  • Pkmn Trainer Red
    Pkmn Trainer Red

    While inspecting and cross checking matt's evidence on his theory (He himself said in the video, don't believe your first assumptions, personally I'm sure matpat doesn't rig stuff or anything, just checking in case he mistook, I'm fan of his don't go in replies cursing me) I found the Wikipedia page about the French children's book which is a main part of the theory, and found out they have mentioned matt's theory in it and THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PAGE ON MATPAT! wow........ EDIT: It might not be as big of a thing I'm saying it is, but I think it is.

    • Zryptex _
      Zryptex _

      wdym "they have mentioned matt's theory in it and THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PAGE ON MATPAT" i'm confused.

  • Santino Aldaba
    Santino Aldaba

    Everybody gangsta till : gangsta till : gangsta till : gangsta till :

  • Adam Mecalo
    Adam Mecalo

    This is how the Cosby Show got made, the creator pitched the exact same idea and all the studio did was change the names and everything and thus, The Cosby Show.

  • Jass Zoigel
    Jass Zoigel

    I thought mickey was gonna off u immediately

  • Intelligent Rock
    Intelligent Rock

    Wow that took a huge 180

    SMOKEHAZEEE Disney recycles it’s animation

  • ComputerDefeated

    I love how you didn't realize that this happens with a lot of their classic tales, wherein they're based off a children's book.

  • Su Fidan
    Su Fidan

    Not that surprising Lee imitated Mickey Mouse’s voice really well

  • RaineXHero

    How rich is Matpat that he can afford a Mickey cameo?

  • skythetransguy

    hey mat pat this has been bothering me for a while and can you to a theory on "Hotel for Dogs" and how illegal it would actually be? the movie is on Netflix

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  • The DerangedWolf
    The DerangedWolf

    2:47 “you know the rules, and so do I”

  • On The Road Again
    On The Road Again

    i love it how matpat is not scared that micky appears in his room at night😂

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    Domia Abr Wyrda

    David has higher probability to win than Goliath did Seems inappropriate to use that here as analogy lol That guy had no chance

  • 999

    IQ = 300

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    eva lanier

    🤬My pet I found is Alma what do you call it picture on him on who shows a girl wearing that was a plane and he said they could discontinue if the prince find out that dumb him about that going on about this project we’re all his father noticed the heat day will not know what happened to them and they’re afraid what this girl gave this guy some kind of piled up to me and whoever have direct contact the sidewalk want to be

  • Phiro

    That's just conjecture, film conjecture

  • Fernando Cruz
    Fernando Cruz

    Its weird how we cant use the earliest version of Mickey mouse ( steamboat willie) until 2024

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    Parker Sandahl

    Oh my god that maniacally laugh 1:12

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    Julia Tovar

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    The 13th Googler

    3:26 Stupedium

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    swetha venkat

    Thanks to matpat, Mickey mouse looks evil to me in all context now. No matter where I see him.

  • Eternal Gaming
    Eternal Gaming

    I dont think its copyrighg since you made the point that the movie was in production since 1997

  • Pyromaniac

    Mickey legit scared me..

  • Mr. Skerpentine
    Mr. Skerpentine

    This entire article was probably made by someone who was pissed off after YourMovieSucks completely tore the whole “Lion King ripped off Kimba” argument to shreds


    Shouldn’t that French guy be happy because his idea finally became a movie or does he just want the money by the company directly accepting the movie from him

  • Toadanater

    Matt you dont have a problem i think you need to do more puns

  • •Snowy_Bear•

    Why does the person that made the book look like rick astley?

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    WishUPONa Bentley

    I mean there's a ton of clownfish species so not really

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    Tarnished_ Walker

    Let's ruin children's childhood

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  • Consuelo Mago
    Consuelo Mago


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  • Maxwell P.
    Maxwell P.

    People will still always love Disney, no matter how many people they copy

  • Terrance Hall
    Terrance Hall

    disney paid off the french court

  • Crying Child
    Crying Child

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    Cassidy MsNally

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    Cassidy MsNally

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  • UND3R 5C0R3
    UND3R 5C0R3

    Mickey has gotten more insane ever since he was rejected from the public domain...

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    padraig.alice wilson

    Oh God poison clowns poison clowns

  • Graham Hernandez
    Graham Hernandez

    I swear, someday this guy is going to be sued by disney

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  • Rajon Baxter
    Rajon Baxter



    There is a new movie on the horizon. zootopia 2 watch the trailer an make a theory please

  • LucklessPine484

    Mickey in the beginning was on night howlers/ animated crack

  • PurpleZombie

    There's a better video about Disney's copyright:

  • the icecream ninja
    the icecream ninja

    This man wait for 25 years for like an extra 30 grand a year absolutely a mad lad

  • Zizou

    Guys I'm friends with one of Frank Le Calvez's daughters DM me if u want proof on insta : @zainudin7272

  • rphb

    I have to agree with Mat here, it is important to remember that power and privilege does not equal evil, and that just because someone is weak and small doesn't mean that they are good.

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    Pierrot is gonna haunt me in my dreams

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