Film Theory: The Dark Avengers Are Coming! (Marvel Phase 4 & Black Widow)
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With Black Widow being pushed back to the end of the year, we have plenty of time to dissect the trailer for any and all secrets hidden in it! I think that by using the Black Widow trailer, I've figured out exactly what Marvel has planned for Phase 4 - and boy is it a doozy! I think not only are we getting General Ross as Red Hulk, but I think we may be getting an entire lineup of Dark Avengers! Get ready for some serious theorising folks!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Penny Duncan
    Penny Duncan


  • The One That Can
    The One That Can

    Honestly I liked The Incredible Hulk movie. Truly the best depiction of the hulk. I honestly didn't like the way they depicted him in the future movies, especially by the end

  • LegendaryHatDude

    Is anyone watching us in 2021 and thinking, these movies haven't come out yet. XD

  • Im Anonymous
    Im Anonymous

    pitch meeting rip off at the start lol

  • David Juhancsik
    David Juhancsik

    lets be honest matpat you copied no no no manufactured screen rant's/ryan george's pitch meeting

  • InTheAirMC and Yoshu
    InTheAirMC and Yoshu

    The Red Hulk gets hotter Blush blush

  • uosdwiSrdewoH

    With She-Hulk on the way, probably one of the shows I'm most looking forward to, how can they possibly do that idea justice? You already have two hulks getting about that are always in that form with She-Hulk and now Professor Hulk with Bruce and depending which way they go you've got Red Hulk potentially staying in Hulk form. Oh, and Abomination too since we don't yet know if he reverts to human. These are going to be some expensive shows. She-Hulk and Armor Wars will need to spend serious money to live up to their titles. They do seem to be putting it all out on the field so people get Disney+ even if Kevin Feige foolishly said you don't need to see the shows because it's no essential to keep up with the MCU. Way to not get people to sign up.

  • Chris Redman
    Chris Redman

    Love the "pitch meeting" i thought it would be hard to duplicate one of those, but it was actually super easy, barely an inconvenience 😂😂

  • carlos yat
    carlos yat

    I guest ill wach falcon and the winter soilder Matpat im from the future and falcon and winter soilder and wandavision are good they still have problems but falcon and the winter soilder is increíble

  • Im Garbage
    Im Garbage

    How dare he rip off super easy barely an inconvenience! Lol

  • UR Bum007
    UR Bum007

    I love how he not only copied the screen rant pitch meeting but does it AGAIN but actually doing the "Theory" pitch

  • Adrienne Ladd
    Adrienne Ladd

    this is almost funny watching a year later

  • D1n0

    Falcon and the winter soldier ended up being better then Wanda-vision lmao

  • Nick C
    Nick C

    Lol love how he wasn’t excited for the Disney plus series but they actually both turned out amazing

    • Zion Zix
      Zion Zix

      Yeah, was about to say "Why wouldn't you wanna see Bucky and Falcon back together?"

  • EloquentTroll

    I like the theory, you forgot about the sacrifice on Vormir for the soul stone. Clint didn't feel anything for the other spy lady, which isn't sacrificing that which you love unless the lock requires only the perception of it. And even if it only required that perception then other spy lady is still dead on Vormir.

  • SkullNight36

    The new marvel movies will flop

  • Super Theory’s
    Super Theory’s

    And an evil us agent

  • Nobisum

    2021 in 2020:Shang chi and eternals 2021 now:ehhhhh eh eh eh eh

  • MarSprings

    Aims aiming to make an appearance in the movie

  • Steven Readicker
    Steven Readicker

    Assuming this theory is correct, who actually died in Endgame?

    • KhaiSaki

      I know right ,she could be dead if the swapping is true

  • IC3Y kitty
    IC3Y kitty

    Over a year later and we are still waiting

  • Alex Maurice
    Alex Maurice

    The only thing I see is Hawkeye not loving her if it wasn’t really her

  • Terry Fulds
    Terry Fulds

    Wait, who thinks iron man 2 is better than 3??? 2 is the worst. A guy with whips. Big deal.

  • Jomar Marrero
    Jomar Marrero

    I forgot the thumbnail, and initially thought by a team being built around Widow, he meant the Olympians

  • wiIdfIowcr


  • AG - 03TS 865252 Churchville PS
    AG - 03TS 865252 Churchville PS

    but I don't see eternals

  • AG - 03TS 865252 Churchville PS
    AG - 03TS 865252 Churchville PS


    • AG - 03TS 865252 Churchville PS
      AG - 03TS 865252 Churchville PS

      @Dudesly Games makes sense

    • Dudesly Games
      Dudesly Games

      it used to be scheduled for release at that date

  • •Mixie•

    What's the fourth section in the pfp? Cuz there's film theory food theory and game theory but there are *four* sections hmm

    • Dudesly Games
      Dudesly Games

      game theory live

  • Jake Clarke
    Jake Clarke

    Avengers vs the rabid revengers *theme intensives*

  • DjNicKPlayz1 gaming
    DjNicKPlayz1 gaming

    Wait. If the MCU is currently in 2023 then did they face covid? Did they fight 2020?

  • gav757


  • Zaydan Abrahams
    Zaydan Abrahams

    Ripping of pitch meetings are tight

  • Shadow King
    Shadow King

    You were right way before Eric(one of my fav ISdownsrs) from New Rockstars. We have John Walker now. Maybe even Zemo

  • Zax Plays
    Zax Plays

    Famous youtubers who parody Ryan george are tight and they do backflips snap the Ryan George haters and save the day oh really ? Copying is super easy barely an inconvenience

  • BoozeClub

    That Ryan George reference was pretty good. It got a like out of me.

  • Jacob Coutts
    Jacob Coutts

    Falcon and winter soldier show sucks

  • Endernites bros
    Endernites bros

    John walker is totally Dark Avenger Captain America

  • Nick Bumaya
    Nick Bumaya

    Who’s here after falcon and winter solider?

  • CT-5597

    Oh oh oh ohhh, ripping off screen rant's pitch meetings is TIGHT

  • Brisk Pepper
    Brisk Pepper

    Gotta saying, going back in time and watching this video after having seen Wandavision and FaWS, is it weird that I'm offended at how dismissive he is of the limited series'? XD

  • It's only 29.99
    It's only 29.99

    Me laughing at how in 2020 everybody got fooled into taking these movies would come out before the end of 2021 Lol. And the fact they were disappointed about how delayed they were we're not the end these delays got delayed

  • Caleb Scott
    Caleb Scott

    This video is so much more interesting after falcon and the winter solider

  • Brother's Web
    Brother's Web

    Well they just had charter use that face change tech and US Agent happen. Your on to something! -Luke

  • eren yeager
    eren yeager

    Falcon and the winter soldier was pretty good actually I liked it I mean they did have help from one of the directors of the John wick movies so the fight sequence where fire

  • Rubi pro
    Rubi pro

    who is watching this a year later and thinks "maybe he is right"

  • Mr. Freezie
    Mr. Freezie

    One day from a year ago....

  • Nick Bartlett
    Nick Bartlett

    He was right

  • Decent boioioi
    Decent boioioi

    Uum Ryan

  • Dror Zamir
    Dror Zamir

    you missed the most important part imo. when the hulk came back to earth natasha was super chill about it and they never shared the same chemistry they had before he left, now that I saw this video I finally understand y.


      i see your point but i why would yolena sacrifice herself for hawkeye in endgame

  • aidan is epic
    aidan is epic

    movie set to release in november? FEBRUARY? hahahaha you dont even know how these past two years went

  • Lili Fudge
    Lili Fudge

    2:51 i felt the same way before i saw it but now i can't wait for each new episode

  • coarse dirt
    coarse dirt

    10:12 Oh yeah its all coming together

  • sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedgehog

    So if Matts theory is right does that mean Natasha isn't dead if someone is posing as her

  • Pretty Girl
    Pretty Girl

    Red hulķ

  • Pretty Girl
    Pretty Girl

    Hiiiii from 2021

  • varun r
    varun r

    Fun fact: this video was released the day dream started dream smp

  • Mulder Higgins
    Mulder Higgins

    The whole, MatPat talking with himself in the beginning part was the cutest thing ever

    • Mulder Higgins
      Mulder Higgins

      @Knight of Iron Yep

    • Knight of Iron
      Knight of Iron

      Ryan George did this first!

  • bob loblaw
    bob loblaw

    Homages are tight!

  • Carrie Gould
    Carrie Gould

    I just realized the biggining Of this is making fun of screen rant

  • Liza Traut
    Liza Traut

    Woe screen rant starter

  • Eventheeventシ 1
    Eventheeventシ 1

    they should be named: the revengers

  • Blizzard . Toon
    Blizzard . Toon

    Disney watching film theory: RIGHT THAT DOWN, RIGHT THAT DOWN!

  • Cherubin and Sheymah Kabeya
    Cherubin and Sheymah Kabeya

    Yes, you do have to watch Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

  • BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech
    BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech

    2:52 aged well

  • Basil Serpent
    Basil Serpent

    four minutes of this episode are about how matt's mad that movies got pushed back.

  • Phoenix animations
    Phoenix animations

    Disney: good theory I see people are excited for this film Also Disney: let's push it back

  • Chaos Master
    Chaos Master

    We have dark captain america and dark nick fury now

  • leopard awesome
    leopard awesome

    Your right after 5 epsiode it seams more and more true

  • IzzyJ

    Oh how wrong we were about wandsvision and falcon and the winter soldier. If you ask me things are off to a great start!

  • Abidy

    In the falcon and winter solider they make and evil captain America

  • Dark Helmet
    Dark Helmet

    Yep, Ross becomes Red Hulk in this movie, that's why he's in both IW & Endgame.

  • squid the dumby
    squid the dumby

    I WILL ONLY WATCH THIS MOVIE IF IT HAS M.O.D.O.K there has been speculation of modok and also why I want to see him is because he is my favorite marvel character

    • squid the dumby
      squid the dumby

      Maybe he will be in because he runs aim

  • Elliott Sanchez
    Elliott Sanchez

    Who's here after Falcon and The Winter Soldier where this is slowly being confirmed

    • Brendon T
      Brendon T

      Dark captain America ✅

  • ya Man
    ya Man

    solo was a good movie

  • Edward Cruz
    Edward Cruz

    11 months later, I wonder if you're interested in falcon & winter soldier now...🤔

  • Maddox Lane
    Maddox Lane

    Oh matpat so naive. Thinks we would wait only a year not 2

  • Samuel Fletcher
    Samuel Fletcher

    Have u guys seen the new falcon and winter soldier umm.. John is dark captain America

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    8:59 - Boss... Is that you?...

  • Joey M
    Joey M

    Yess Ryan George reference


    Iron man 3 is good shut up

  • Athena Karas
    Athena Karas

    me watching this now: JOHN WALKER JOHN WALKER JOHN WALKER

  • Preston Bosman
    Preston Bosman

    U r a fucking genius

  • Borach McTeague
    Borach McTeague

    Making money by ripping off another ISdowns channel tropes is TIGHT! #RyanGeorgeLove #LoveMatPat!

  • gnomislawa


  • Shuvo Speaking
    Shuvo Speaking

    What is WRONG with me? Why did I click on this knowing it will be full of spoilers?

  • nathan orozco
    nathan orozco

    We know she’s dead because if she wasn’t Hawkeye would have never gotten the soul stone

  • nathan orozco
    nathan orozco

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that she’s dead

  • Rainbow Child
    Rainbow Child

    "so i guess ill fit in wandavision, and do i HAVE to watch falcon and the winter soldier? i gotta be honest, im not particularly interested in that one" ok matt, whatever you say, matt

  • Just Go Play
    Just Go Play

    this was 355 days after yes you said this 5 days gone.

  • McKenzie Knowlton
    McKenzie Knowlton

    its sad that Matpat isn't watching falcon and the winter soldier the series is getting good! the twits are amazing and im still pretty mad that sam isn't captin america and who knows.... maybe another character will take on Steve's mantel... well have to wait and see

    • Harshit Dube
      Harshit Dube

      I think he's watching it and the next Film Theory will be on TFATWS..

  • Manuel Duran
    Manuel Duran


  • Planklee Panda
    Planklee Panda

    Thank you for making possible connections that i wouldn't have possibly made. Never quit:D

  • Mackadoodle

    I never forgot the Incredible Hulk

  • RoboZombie X
    RoboZombie X

    now we need pitch meeting pitching the film theory channel

  • Spronksi

    I started thinking bout the Norman Osborn team, then I realized that hes a Spiderman villain and now Sony owns him again....

  • Tyler Campbell
    Tyler Campbell

    I actually really like Iron Man three it was a very good movie and it was fucking fun

  • Andethidial bubabibub
    Andethidial bubabibub

    11:30 swap makes no sense when you saw how she talks with Hawkeye on volmir

  • Realism

    Had to rewatch this theory. Good theory; but, red skull calling Natasha by her name puts a giant hole right through this theory.

    • Krishiv Bhagat
      Krishiv Bhagat

      @Stormy what if yelena was taken by her ans he always had the red hair, so when her identity was switched, she still had the red hair

    • Stormy

      Yes, exactly. That's why I think, That Natasha did switch into Yelena, But at the end switched back and the hair was dyed and she just didn't want to dye it back to normal, sort of as a 'new look', maybe?

  • Robotix Youtube
    Robotix Youtube

    this really makes sense now that John Walker is a villain

    • Deadpοοl

      John Walker wasn't a villain but an antihero just like The Punisher.... The Punisher would have killed him

  • Prebuiltroom901

    Wait is the twist for who the power broker is

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