Film Theory: Why Scar is the RIGHTFUL King! (Disney Lion King)
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Disney's live action Lion King is causing a stir among Disney fans. I agree, this movie brought up a lot of questions about remakes and live action reimaginings of classic Disney movies... but maybe not how you think. See, the original Lion King ends with Simba taking over Pride Rock and everything is sunshine and happiness. When Disney decided to do a "real" Lion King, I looked into the behavior of IRL lion prides and WHOA! If Disney did a REAL Lion King, well... prepare to have your childhoods ruined. Again.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Researcher: Alyssa "AlyssaBeCrazy" Seibert
Editors: BanditRants and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    jeanne pulmones

    And you

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    jeanne pulmones

    Hahahhahahahahahahahahaha your brother is dumd

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    Allwyn hiwale

    5:50 and.......cut

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    Devjeet Mishra

    6:43 JEEZ Olliver, be on guard

  • ebrahema diallo
    ebrahema diallo

    The Film Theorists: scar was the rightful king me: what is wrong with you are you in the right mind?

  • -Alaska Hornsing-
    -Alaska Hornsing-

    now I wanna write about the lion king if it were realistic- *HELP*

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    Mary Bo berry


  • Chad Binette
    Chad Binette

    I guess that's why I watch whole videos before comments haha, I was literally typing the fact that Nala came from Simba's pride where only males I saw in the movie were mufasa and scar. So nalas father is most likely mufasa or scar, so Simba and Nala are either cousins or brother and sister. Children don't understand this in the movie I understand that but...

  • Sophie Gaming
    Sophie Gaming

    *Cough* the baby of Simba is a girl *Cough*

  • Elodie Cummins
    Elodie Cummins

    8:23 Ohh... 😔 I thought you were gonna say panthera was a Panera for felines

  • Wilson Clements
    Wilson Clements

    Except in the lion king it has a happy ending

  • Wilson Clements
    Wilson Clements

    Fun fact: the lion king is a Disney version of hamlet

  • Amy Derbyshire
    Amy Derbyshire

    Matpat hashtag girl power. Shenzi what about me ? , I'm a girl. Matpat I just ment the lionesses . Shenzi Serio

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    reynan alano

    8.53 To the Death hahhahahhahahaahahhahahha

  • Lady Lexy Starwatcher
    Lady Lexy Starwatcher

    The new Lion King IS NOT live action. it is fully animated. Sure, it looks real but it is 100% animated.

  • Billie gamer
    Billie gamer

    #girl power 😅 nice one

  • Abel.D.T

    How to make the most emotional scene 1.puts fallen kingdom falling scene audio 2.Combine it with the scene when Mufasa is killed by his very own brother 3.they are no 3

  • Sophie Marie Estabillo
    Sophie Marie Estabillo

    Kion ni lion guardian is Simba’s son

  • what about Zuko and harry potter?

  • sabal kumar
    sabal kumar

    I don't want to ruin my childhood for the sake of knowledge. I'd rather be stupid.😂

  • Earl Warner
    Earl Warner

    One problem... A cartoon lion pride doesn't have to work any way but how the story says it does. A live adapation of it would follow the cartoon story, not the real-life example of lions we have. Your theory falls apart before you even get started because you assume it has to follow real life.

  • Gacha lia
    Gacha lia

    no it was not terw😡

  • Theseekerofinfinite

    Ha, nice.

  • wolf love
    wolf love

    Spoiler: it's kinda the same

  • Emakity Viredor
    Emakity Viredor

    No the time when Mouffassa dies is not as traumatizing as the time WHEN U SAID SHATTER I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THE SCREEN!

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    Cleo Debruyne

    the lion you think there roaring but here yawning because lion king 1/2 sucks

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    Nija Brook

    It 2021

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    rachel ur frindo

    Girls are More atracted to Darker Hair Me: so that is why my crush is a dark brownett

  • Irre Anggraini
    Irre Anggraini

    You know..... Scar is actually One of my fave characters.. other than Rafiki

  • John Benkov
    John Benkov

    I am the female lion


    Don’t forget about the lady and the tramp

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    Unicaela PLayzz

    Come on -_- It’s disney.

  • Lightning Penguin
    Lightning Penguin

    Now I'm imaging lions as family gangs.

  • Alyssa Fallavollitti
    Alyssa Fallavollitti

    A King Slayer huh? Sounds familiar... *insert pic of Jamie Lannister here*

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell

    the purpose of Disney movies have the familiar basic formula. having people believe the good guys always win the bad guys lose everyone is on your side things always work out best. the problems with the lion king are Scar rules over such a dead area meaning all the lions eventually will starve to death. even ghost Mufasa can't help his son from this or the force even the nature of the darkside it can't do everything that you want it too. we are not all of us connected to the earth. and the planet or animals connected to all of us So when people and animals die that's it no anything after. oh and the wheels in the sky keep on turning I don't know where I'll be tomorrow. the wheels in the sky keep on turning oh I don't know where I'll be tomorrow and the wheels in the sky keep me yearning oooooooooooooh yeah. 🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • ToastyWolf-YT

    Waait a minute so if Simba is related to Scar, and Simba married Nala and Kiaras boyfriend is Scars son.. did Disney really inbreed!?!?🧐🧐

  • Chitrbhanu Singh
    Chitrbhanu Singh

    He has a death wish

  • King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire
    King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire

    Matt: he has a scar that makes him evil My wife: *glares*

  • Javari Green
    Javari Green

    Jesus christ we dont care

    • hornet is void
      hornet is void

      Who is "we" kid

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      hornet is void

      241k people liked this vid dumbass

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    Javari Green

    Me looking at his theory

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    Umm gf why that name?

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Disney: "Let's make The Lion King more realistic visually." the smart dude: "But The Lion King isn't very realistic scientifically." Disney: " No one's gonna care." MatPat: DID I HEAR SCIENTIFICALLY

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    My dude is running three YT channels making new theories for each one and raising a child?!

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Did y'all ever realize that Simba singing "I can't wait to be king" is technically him singing "I can't wait for my Dad to die"

  • Hibah Aijaz
    Hibah Aijaz


  • Random Ksines
    Random Ksines

    comments saying matpat's "he has a scar so he's evil" thing and pointing out characters whom are not evil but have scars. people who point out Disney stereotype flaws: hello sarcasm: allow us to introduce ourselves.

  • Jahbari Henderson
    Jahbari Henderson

    2:32 Mufaasaa

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    Karel Camille Samonte


    • hornet is void
      hornet is void

      Calm down you stupid kid you are mad at the fact that he might be right

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    charles hare

    dont disrespect the dead

  • Eyjafjalla

    Recessive genes, you forgot that

  • Absolute Weirdo
    Absolute Weirdo

    Wait so you're telling me that lionesses find more aggressive lions more attractive because they can defend the cubs? Then why the fudge would they kick the cubs out after 2 years! Why do they even care? It's not like they are ever gonna give a flying duck about them once they are gone. 🤨

  • Henry Rinehart
    Henry Rinehart

    Game theory you’re wrong score may not be be deadSo this movie that I’ve never seen in my entire life

  • Hieu Nguyen
    Hieu Nguyen

    I’m still a child you can’t ruin my childhood! I’m 9

  • Kevin

    "he has a scar, that makes him evil" Kratos: hmmm

  • Believe Like K
    Believe Like K

    Matapat the king of ruining your childhood

  • Project S.O.S.
    Project S.O.S.

    A much more realistic version of the lion king would have been 10 times better than the garbage that disney likes to call a "live action" remake.

  • Sergej Simic
    Sergej Simic

    Well Scar is smarter


    Y broke my childhood

  • Zettai

    I didnt watch the live action yet, but its impossible to be better than this theory sooo... " I already watched the 'live action'"

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    PipDog makes things happen

    9:58 lol

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    •Rice randoms•

    Me who’s favourite character was always scar: *kakaka, peasant*

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    Master scar there to many of theme what are we going to do ?

  • Trella H-R
    Trella H-R

    in the live action simba dose have the tufts of fur on his elbows

  • George252

    If Scar tried to challenge Mufasa and failed then he would not be standing alive in Priderock during the timeline of the movie. So... NOPE

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  • Imperial Histati
    Imperial Histati

    Simba and Nala are still inbred??? Ew

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans

    Or the users of one for all passing it onto the next (nana shimura-all might-DEKUU)

  • •ëŃŤêřñÄĻ_MĩďŃĨġħŤ•

    But... hyenas and lions...are natural the movie is totally inaccurate....

  • David Thornton
    David Thornton

    The joke is on you. You can not roin the lion king for me HA.

  • Mica Lanario
    Mica Lanario

    I mean is it a joke ?

  • Mica Lanario
    Mica Lanario

    Amm in the lion guard kion have really have light skin and her heair then why is scar is a lion guard then got her scar from the strange lion strange lion have a snake to bit himthen why i she a lion guard i sthis a joke ???????

  • ・The Messed Up Trio・
    ・The Messed Up Trio・

    They could do Moana.. I’m scared-

  • Eliannah Nguyen
    Eliannah Nguyen

    But the first born male shouldn’t be true either because in Disney juniors lion Guard kiara is the queen and kion the younger boy leads the lion guard 🤔

  • James Potter
    James Potter

    6:06 I remember watching a documentary that explains darker maned lions are moar aggressive

  • E girl emma
    E girl emma


  • Nelson Edmond
    Nelson Edmond

    Roses are red Violets are blue I clicked this video And so do you

  • Malboy16

    10:05 they said “ALMOST always”hints it could be rare occurrence

  • kiki mele
    kiki mele

    When you know the writer of lion king 2 🤪



  • Ah Shit Here We Go Again
    Ah Shit Here We Go Again

    How tf did Simba undo 3 years of famine in less than a year and where did the animals that cheered his daughter even come from if the hyenas ate everyone in pride lands. I NEED ANSWERS.

  • Laura

    hey Lion king 2 was really good!

  • Nikolai Merlin
    Nikolai Merlin

    I just watched lion king 1 and two, you have ruined it!!! Nolla and Simba’s love was meant to be

  • Back boy is a fan of sonic and tails
    Back boy is a fan of sonic and tails

    Continuing from Yant Me:"no"

  • Back boy is a fan of sonic and tails
    Back boy is a fan of sonic and tails

    Me "OK he's you convinced me I feel bad for scar" to todorki

  • Back boy is a fan of sonic and tails
    Back boy is a fan of sonic and tails


  • Back boy is a fan of sonic and tails
    Back boy is a fan of sonic and tails

    God that's the reasons why I hate mat pat . Luckily food theory doesn't have that am I right LOL

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    Lincoln Davis


  • Dré Sheraton
    Dré Sheraton

    5 minutes in and still nothing about why Scar is the rightful King. I'm done.

  • axkciiax

    Him : he has a scar so that makes him evil. Todoroki : mhm, mhm, then why did mha not make me evil? Other people with scars : 🤨

  • CosmicShip

    MatPat: He HaS a ScAr So ThAt MaKeS HiM eViL Harry Potter: AVADA KADAVRA!! Zuko: *Kills MatPat with fire bending*

  • Crystal Boling
    Crystal Boling

    At least the lions care if there children love THERE BROTHER OR SISTER

  • Joe Nassar
    Joe Nassar

    10:42 the words matches with scar’s mouth

  • Art Gamer
    Art Gamer

    MATPAT: In any kingdom, no one wants their children dying early terrible deaths Hunger Game Fans: um..

  • Robert Wall
    Robert Wall

    "When he dust settles in this movie, the lion standing on Pride Rock WOUNT be Simba. Heck, might not even be Scar!" The true king is... T H E M A N B E H I N D T H E S L A U G H T E R

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    Logan Dunlop

    Welp I am going to try and Forget that all